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Furnace Installation

Have you been told that you need a new furnace? We offer a FREE second opinion. Building customers through honesty and high quality work is the foundation behind our 5 star service.


Quality installation is the key to a longer life span of your unit. Making sure you use an experienced installer who does proper sizing and also stands behind the work quality is important. We stand behind all of our jobs. Our experience is a large part of what puts us above the competition. Some large companies focus on sales teams and volume, train installers to just get the "job done" the same way for everyone, we know each home and install is unique. There are so many factors to a proper install and we take the time to explain your new system. You can be confident with Comfort Environment.

We offer a variety of furnace makes and models to fit your needs and your budget. We take our time to explain the differences the brands, warranty etc. and give you a FREE in home quote so we can ensure the proper sizing.

One of the main reasons furnaces break down is the lack of maintenance. Furnace filters should be changed every 3 months. When they are not changed, the build up causes the unit to work harder and often will over heat or lead to an earlier need for parts. As part of our quality customer service, with every new air conditioning or furnace install we are supplying 5 YEARS of Free (standard sized) filters. We will teach you how to change them and supply you with a full 5 years worth. Take the stress off about worrying about picking up the right filters. We have you covered.

Free Filter Maintenance with installs

Furnace Install

Affordable Furnace Installation in Calgary & Area

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