Alberta Rebates

2018 - NEW

Additional savings are available to encourage energy efficiency in Alberta.

Energy Efficiency Alberta's programs promote the use of cutting-edge technology to reduce emissions without and changes to your quality of life.

SAVE $75

All new furnaces operate at a minimum 90% efficiency ensuring you save on your natural gas bill. However, when purchasing a new furnace, be sure it is equipped with an ECM for added savings on your electricity bill plus receive a $75 rebate. The following list of furnaces are all equipped with an ECM.

SAVE $100

A smart thermostat keeps your home at an ideal temperature at all times, saving energy and saving you money.

SAVE up to $1000

Tankless water systems take up less space, waste less energy and may even provide hot water faster than conventional systems. Domestic hot water upgrades to ENERGY STAR® tankless systems present a tremendous energy-saving opportunity over older, storage tank systems, especially those equipped with standing pilot lights.

Rebates of up to $1000 are available for the installation of a new tankless hot water heater.